Point Pleasant Resort
400 Sheppard Circle
Madison Lake, MN 56063
Phone:  (507) 469-0024

The Indians regarded Madison Lake as the greatest place for fish in the whole country and especially for big pickerel and big bass.  Organized parties used to come from the plains where they had hunted buffalo.  They would camp on Point Pleasant or on Rocky Point.  Both of these area's were easily accessible to parties passing eastward.  There, under the protection of the great forest trees, they would fish and hunt deer.  The Indians would make great drives through the forest shouting and shooting until the deer were driven up to one point or the other.  The deer had to take to the water where they were run down by the Indians in canoes or slain on the side as they came to the land.  They did not waste or squander any part of the deer.  It was to them a staple used for food, clothing and many accessories.