Point Pleasant Resort
400 Sheppard Circle
Madison Lake, MN 56063
Phone:  (507) 469-0024

generalJoe Wright, a hunter and trapper, built a log cabin in 1858 where the plaque is located.  Mr. Wright did not own the land, he was a squatter.

In the mid-1860's General Baker and a party of five camped on the end of the Point.  They were, no doubt, the first white men to camp on now what is Point Pleasant.  They cleared brush so that they could pitch tents.  Fishing was exceptionally good.  As soon as a hook was put in the water a fish was there to take it.  General Baker's returned to Mankato and talked to a group of ten to twelve men about starting a boat club on Madison Lake.  Boat's were built and hauled to the lake.  Joe Wright was hired to watch the boats.  Thus the lake became a sports arena for business and a food source.