Point Pleasant Resort
400 Sheppard Circle
Madison Lake, MN 56063
Phone:  (507) 469-0024

In the 1920's many folks would journey by train to Madison Lake so that they could enjoy the day at Point Pleasant.  This continued on to the the 1930's, which were years of drought, hot weather, and depression.  There were several days in the 1930's when the temperature soared to 106.  There were no air conditioners.  It was not unusual to see hundreds of people paying ten cents to go swimming on a hot day.  During one 4th of July over 3,000 people used the pavilion.

Then the war years were upon us.  My two brothers and myself answered our country's call.  My mother was left to run the Point.

It was a busy place.  People would stand in line for 30 minutes to an hour to eat in the dining room, which echoed my mothers culinary skills and an end to the day at the lake.