Point Pleasant Resort
400 Sheppard Circle
Madison Lake, MN 56063
Phone:  (507) 469-0024

1877 - George Clarke erected a summer hotel for the carriage trade and boat club.

1881 - Lucetta Steel and her husband, J.M. Barclay, bought the townsite.  In 1882, they built a two-story hotel, stables, and a beach house.

1916 - William Wherry bought the Point from the Barclays.

1930 - Mr. and Mrs. S.T. Sheppard bought the Point.  They built several new cabins and constructed a new bath house at the beach.

1995 - Morris "Doc" and Flossie Sheppard are the current owners.  Continual improvements have been made.  Currently 70 campsites overlook the lake.